MTM 16 is the fourth edition of the annual Motorcycle Travellers Meet. .

After three successful meets that were organised on the outskirts of Bangalore, we have moved to a venue in Goa for better access for travellers from across the country. The two night and two day meet is designed to host inspiring speakers, workshops, interactive sessions and provide opportunities to engage with likeminded travellers who have taken up extraordinary journeys and pursued their dreams. All of this with likeminded travellers in a small outdoor meeting residential setup.

Our aim is to share, inspire and learn.

Raj Andagere
- LooongRoadHome -

After 18yrs of life, education and adventures in Melbourne, Australia; Raj decided to head back to his roots in India. He sold his car, belongings, broke the house lease, said goodbye to friends and loved ones, bought a small bike (CRF 250 Honda) and with little money in his pocket set out on the LooongRoadHome. His journey began in Melbourne, via Central Australia, Western Macdonnell ranges, Simpson Desert, East coast, Cape York and Darwin. From there by boat to Dili (the capital of East Timor) and then onto Bali, North Indonesia, East Malaysia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, North East India, Bangladesh, back into India and finally to his family home in Balehonnur, Karnataka. Riding 40,000km of bitumen, sand, mud, salt, river, sea, snow and climbing 4500 mt high over two years!

Raj is an architect by profession with a keen interest in exploring and understanding lives of people within the space they call home which was one of the projects he followed during his travel. Raj will share his travels at MTM 16 and inspire us with the idea of slow travel.

Atul Warrier
- The Warrier’s tales -

Warrier Trail is a crazy dream of a very simple & normal guy. A dream that was planned to span 500+ days, 40 countries and 5 continents. A journey of exploration.

The actual journey ended up with in 400 days, clocking 36000km, covered 28 countries , stayed / camped in 85 towns/cities…and i feel this is just the beginning.....and all this on a Royal Enfield 2012 Thunderbird.

The ride was flagged off from Kanyakumari on 6th June 2016 and the journey covered South East Asia, Australia, Middle East and Europe. The bike clocked 36000km, through different terrain and weather conditions. This was a journey of pure exploration as there was no agenda and I took it by the day as the journey progressed. This approach of “living the moment” gave it an experience which was truly magical.

I would consider this journey as the best investment in life.

Kattie Jennings and Mickey Bergin
- Trails to the forgotten -

Mickey and Katie hit the road in May 2016 looking for a different way of life. Tired of being told what she should think about the world, and confused by its problems Katie decided to leave her career as a neuroscientist and lecturer behind to see things for herself. Mickey, a photographer, loves being on the road and has moved around a lot in his life. Unlike Katie, who is still getting to grips with the whole lack of control thing, he thrives on the uncertainty of not knowing what’s round the corner. Their many differences are as important in making their partnership work as their shared values: a love of bikes, respect, tolerance and a belief that, above all, life should be fun.

Talk Brief - Redefining adventure Adventure motorcycle travel is often viewed as fearless adventure junkies sat on huge, not to mention expensive bikes tackling perilous terrain in far-flung locations. There’s no doubt this image of adventure has relevance but what if it is excluding those who have a spark of adventure in them but feel they can never live up to the stereotype?

Vikram Rao
- Adventures on an Enduro bike -

"I used to live in Dubai, UAE but not anymore. I'm not sure where I will after this ride... Depends on what I decide to do in life." The idea of fluidity is not for everyone but thats the driving force for many adventure seekers to go out there, explore and stay longer on the road. Vikram has set aside an year to travel around the world on his Enduro KTM 530 EXC. The initial idea was to ride the Stan's over a two month holiday. After several discussions with his employer failed to get his two month break - he decided to quit and a make it a year long ride. His aim is to ride as much off-road as possible avoiding main highways and tarmac making this ride that much more exciting and challenging. There are very few known routes like the Stan's, BAM road in Russia, TAT in the US and South America that will keep one off the highways and tarmac.

After rebuilding and modifying the bike to suit his ride plan and with the experience of his outdoor off-road riding experience in the middle east to deal with tough conditions in Tajikistan, Mongolia, Russia - he has set out on an adventure of a lifetime. He will take a break from his tour to attend MTM and speak of his journey so far.

His planned route - UAE - Uzbek - Tajik - Kyrgyz - Kazakh - Russia - Mongolia - Russia - South Korea - USA - Mexico - Central america - South America except Brazil

HV Kumar

A motorist for the last 3 decades in India. Ridden & Driven across India extensively, including all the iconic routes such as the North-South, East-West, GQ, c2C2c, and so on. Documented all trips, and guides other motorists on driving ideas, route planning & other support. Runs India’s largest online highway motoring community on Face Book – which is primarily a Fan Club transformed into a HiVayKing Club. Currently has nearly 25,000 members, located all over India, very well-networked – both for crowd-sourcing of info and support when anyone is in dire need during accidents & medical emergencies. To support members during their travels, the HiVayKing Club has driven alliances with 800+ hotels, sells brand merchandise (like Stickers & T Shirts) and gets wholesale price deals on motoring products. The online presence is strong in both Face Book and Whats App.

You can join the HVK HiVayKing Club community on Facebook

HVK will talk about riding / driving in the North East of India, a region that is a country in itself & the least-explored, perhaps due to various civil disturbances, lack of info resources & toughness of the terrain. Being so far away from mainland India, the North East also requires several travel days, extensive prior planning & uncertainties due to weather & bad road conditions. Tourism infrastructure is limited & barring a few iconic places like Tawang or Cherapunjee, most of the North East is off the travel map. HVK will talk about some of his drives to the North East region, especially the recent one where he went around Arunachal Pradesh in a 31-day drive ex-Mumbai. The North East region is also the gateway to tours to neighbouring countries Bhutan, Myanmar & Bangladesh.

Ellen and Perry

In our previous life we had a motorcycle shop and organised rider trainings for motorcyclists. At one point we decided, we need a change in life. So we sold everything, moved into our truck Ino (Mercedes 1017 EX), and since two years we have been travelling. We also carry a Honda Innova 125 in our truck to get our doze of two wheels. We fondly call it “Ina”

Kiran Ghag
Bucket Ride

Kiran Ghag aka KG, is a typical middle aged, IT consultant with a desk job. His part time job includes daydreaming travel plans. One such plan was riding into America and see it up close, beyond the tv news and movies. MTM’14 got him going and he finally went for the “Bucket Ride” - a solo motorcycle road trip in America. Kiran bought a BMW R1200GS in California to ride it across USA and Canada over two months. The route covered many national parks, known/unknown places and went via various scenic byways, including famous Route 66. After clocking almost 17000KMs, the trip concluded in Florida.

DK Chauhan

DK is a 26 year old traveller, poet, self taught photographer who accidentally became a biker. He has traveled across India, 46000+km over 500+days on a Royal enfield motorcycle (a motorcycle that he has borrowed from a friend). He was working with a software company remotely during the first 12 months of his journey. The last seven months of his journey, he spent most of his in North East India and Bhutan, he was without a job and lived off meagrely on limited resources staying with people he met on the road and the hospitality of the hill people. He is based in Varanasi now, setting up a travellers hostel and the mobile app “TripMapic” that he launched recently.
He says “All I can say is I tried hard to live a normal life with fixed job schedule and regular life but my destiny brought me to a place which I never dreamt of”

Rohit Subramanian
The Lone Wanderer

Rohith is a 22 year old motorcyclist / traveller who is currently on a tour covering 46 countries around the world. He has been on the road for the past 9 months (as of September 7th / 2016) and has been biking around south East Asia. He plans to cover Europe, Australia and North America in 2017. He was an entrepreneur who quit his start up business to start riding for a living. He crowd funded his travel and also has brands funding him to travel more places. He has covered all the states and union territories in India over 150 days covering 29000 km. He is right now travelling in SE ASIA

KnastBros Travel
Instagram: knastbrostravel

Kevin and Berni met at the military recruit school. Being bored in service and after taking the decision to exit - they landed in prison for five days, therefore the name KnastBros Travel. In 2013 Kevin and Berni traveled together to South America, That was their first trip. The idea of ​​traveling South America was the result of a boring guard mission in the military. After the recruiting school, Berni and Kevin came together to enjoy further desolate military service and that was the planning ground for motorcycle trips. After only a few days and kilometres they were aware that this will not be the last trip on a motorbike.
They have ridden more than 17000 kms in five different countries as they make their way to Australia.

Ride Skills
2 hours - Interactive
Anand Dharmaraj (Indimotard’s T.W.O School) and Shubhabrata Marmar (Overdrive)

Riding motorcycles is one of the most incredible experiences that human beings get to enjoy. But unlike most, it comes with grave risks - people die regularly on motorcycles, and get injured a lot more often. The solution is to upgrade rider skill.

Cross Border Travel for Indians
2 hours - Interactive
Jay Kannaiyan, Shiv Prasad Shetty, Rohit Upadhyay, Kedarnath, Deepak Thimmoji, Rahul Gavande, Pankaj Trivedi

The big monster in your dreams - How the hell do you do it. Crossing borders on your motorcycle takes advance planning, paperwork and tonnes of preparations. As Indians the challenge just increases but is not impossible.

Travel Motorcycle maintenance
2 hours - Interactive
Prashanth Kumar of Indimotard

A break down is part of an adventure but we all hope we have as less of it as possible. Understanding your motorcycle and common break down problems will prepare you to identify the issue and fix the common ones on the road.

A Basic Introduction to Telling Stories with Film/video
2 hours - Interactive
Navroze Contractor

The workshop will expose those interested in telling stories on their motorcycle travels with moving image.

Plan you monies
30 minutes - Interactive
MTM Team

The most complicated of questions to answer, yet it is possibly the easiest to answer. "Money" one of the most essential requirement for extended travel on motorcycle.

30 minutes - Interactive
MTM Team

Overloaded motorcycles are not a style statement. Heavy luggage is the curse of a journey. We are always grappling between what to carry and what not to.


Dream Ride 2
By Deepak Thimmoji

Witness a spectacular journey spanning 49 days as Deepak Thimmoji rides solo through the seven sister states of India - The northeast.

As he takes his steps he meets people and makes friends from around the country. With only his motorcycle as company, he faces his fears and his inspiration comes alive as he explores the region beyond the clouded states. Dream Ride 2 - A Tale of the North East.

Accompanied by a Talk of his latest adventure in SE ASIA

The Air Above
By Shawn Edmondson

Follow seven American and British motorcyclists as they ride more than 1,350 miles from New Delhi, India into the Tibetan Buddhist region of the Himalayas known as Ladakh. Riding Royal Enfield motorcycles, they pass over the highest motorable roadways in the world.

They'll combat chaotic, lawless, traffic as they climb to nearly 18,400 feet - higher than Base Camp on Mt. Everest. They'll follow steep, switchbacked roads carved into cliff faces with thousand foot drops and no guardrails. They'll have to contend with landslides, river crossings, livestock, altitude sickness, and mechanical problems in temperatures ranging from 40 to 100 degrees F. But the reward is worth it: the most stunning views the Himalayas have to offer and fascinating conversations with the locals about their culture, religion, history, and food. Hold on tight and take a deep breath, because we're taking a journey into The Air Above.

Original music composed by Jerame Gray. Featuring his song "Transcendental Medication".

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A commitment to ourselves, to the Earth we call home and to all the beautiful places that we travel to. Our footprint affects the balance. Our awareness reduces damage. Let's take a pledge to lower our impact on the places we go to and let us make this a part of the conversation, to not trash our travel.

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MTM Journal Vol 2

MTM Journal is an annual magazine released at our meet. It is a collection of stories and insight pieces by travellers, adventurers who have been associated with MTM. Get inspired by ordinary people who have extraordinary adventures / stories to share. Get your copy at MTM 16.

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